Founded in 1899,
our free-flowing natural onsen (hot spring) will leave your skin looking beautiful.

We only use Fresh Spring Water.Spring water is living.
Chlorine disinfection and cycle filtration is commonly carried out these days.
It is the time you chose onsen by its freshness.
Our onsen is different from worn out onsens only in name.
Oxidation-reduction potential [below 200mV]
The extraordinary reduction power proves the freshness of our onsen.
Please enjoy our authentic onsen loved by onsen connoisseurs.


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About the Hotelやどのこと

There’s something that reminds you of the old days here.
Please make yourself home.

Around the hotel is a primeval forest where you feel the breath of the ancient times. In the field, Mukagawa River runs with a murmur. Oehonke, the onsen hotel with light purple walls like ezo purple azaleas is located at the foot of a mountain that is painted purple by real ezo purple azaleas. Being loved by local residents, it has been 119 years since it was established.
We have used only pure natural fresh spring water that has been welling up since the hotel was established. The spring quality is simple sulfur spring. The components of sulfur melt and wash away the dead skin cells to make your skin smooth and fine. It has been popular especially these days, and some guests stay at our hotel to use our onsen for medical purposes.
After relaxing in our onsen, you can make yourself home in a Japanese style rooms. All facilities in our hotel cater for families and groups of any size. Works by many local and famous artists including Keiji Oe, the former president but one, are displayed in the hotel making it like an art gallery. We’d be happy if you enjoy intellectual excitement in this high quality space for relaxation.
We are also proud of our excellent food. We welcome you with fine Japanese food made of seasonal Okhotsk ingredients. We hope you will be satisfied with the taste and quantity of our dishes.
We continue to strive to serve you with “good hot springs, good food, a taste of Japanese art, and smile”.
We were evaluated “comfortable” in the category for accommodations in the“Michelin Guide Hokkaido 2012” published on April 20th 2012.


About Onsenおんせんのこと


The warmth of 100 years floods out of the bathtub.

The blessing of spring water wells up near Mukagawa River. Onneyu Onsen observes tradition and the long history of a hundred years since it was opened. Among Onsen hotels in Onneyu Onsen, Oehonke is proud of its abundant hot spring water.
Our men’s public bath and ladies’ public bath have different themes and views. Please enjoy our high quality onsen to your heart’s content.Our onsen has been scientifically warranted to have an anti-aging effect.


Open-air bath that blends in nature

Open-air baths made with natural rocks with abundant spring water.
Soaking in the smooth transparent water eases your mind and body, and you’ll feel your tiredness melting away.
From the bath, the gorgeous view of mountains and the sky of Hokkaido in each season can be seen.
You will feel the breath of nature and enjoy a sense of liberty.
The quality of Onneyu onsen bears hallmarks of “one of the best in Japan”.
Simple sulfur springs (expansive high-temperature alkaline hot spring) constantly wells up from the depth of the earth.
Oehonke makes a point of providing our guests with our high-quality hot spring “at its best”.

  • Open-air
  • Open-air
  • Open-air
  • Open-air



和食膳Japanese Set Menu

Enjoy delicious meals.

Traditional Japanese Kaiseki (meal brought in courses) using plenty of local ingredients including farm and livestock products from Kitami and marine products from the Sea of Okhotsk.Please enjoy the elaborately prepared delicious course fully utilizing the characteristics of the materials that goes perfectly with drinks such as local sake and beer.

Japanese Set Menu Japanese Set Menu

バイキングDates-limited Buffet

Very popular dates-limited buffet plan!

Enjoy our gorgeous buffet of Japanese, Western and Chinese food at “Komorebi Dining RURI”.
Our open kitchen offers delicious food just cooked. There are also corners of fresh sashimi, dishes fresh from the oven and seasonal delicacies.
You will love the delicious food of Okhotsk Area.

Dates-limited Buffet Dates-limited Buffet
  • Bespoke cuisine (a la carte)
    Bespoke cuisine (a la carte)
  • Bespoke cuisine (a la carte)
    Bespoke cuisine (a la carte)
  • Drinks that go with the food
    Drinks that go with the food

Guest Roomsおへやのこと


  • Public bath

    Public bath

    Men’s public bath, Women’s public bath
    Hours : 1:00pm – 9:30 next morning (cleaning: 9:30am – 1:00pm)

  • Guest Rooms

    Guest Rooms

    Total Guest Rooms : 174 Capacity : 785
    Hienkaku: 50 rooms Chosuikaku: 89 rooms
    Seisankaku Daiichi: 35 Seisankaku Daini: 5

  • Komorebi Dining “Ruri”

    Komorebi Dining “Ruri”

    With the capacity of 380 people, this dining room is used as a venue for breakfast buffet and dinner buffet. You can eat what you like, as much as you like.

  • Restaurant “Sekirei”

    Restaurant “Sekirei”

    Restaurant “Sekirei” is in Hienkaku, and it serves Japanese set menus using a lot of ingredients in season.

  • Japanese Restaurant “Tancho”

    Japanese Restaurant “Tancho”

    This restaurant serves various dishes including seasonal dishes and donburi (bowl of rice topped with some food). Ramen for a late-evening snack is popular, too.

  • Coffee Shop “Sisley”

    Coffee Shop “Sisley”

    The coffee shop “Sisley” in Chosuikaku has drinks and snacks. It is convenient to use right after you arrive at Oehonke or after taking a bath.

  • Night Club “Azalea”

    Night Club “Azalea”

    This night club with a Karaoke room is ideal for a second party. There is an all-you-can-drink menu.

  • Rental Room “Violet”

    Rental Room “Violet”

    It is a spacious rental room for families and friends. It can be rented by a group.

  • Large Banquet Room “Kohaku”

    Large Banquet Room “Kohaku”

    The capacity of this banquet room is 600 people. It is 330-tatami-mat large, and can be divided into up to 3 rooms in accordance with the size of groups for parties or intended use.

  • Large Conference Room “Peacock”

    Large Conference Room “Peacock”

    One of the useful conference rooms used for gatherings and meetings.

  • Conference Room “Matisse”

    Conference Room “Matisse”

    It is perfect for a relatives gathering and such. Please do not hesitate to ask us if you would like to have drinks or meals here.

  • Game Corner

    Game Corner

    There is a game corner for especially children to enjoy.

  • Kodawari Bazar (Morning Market)

    Kodawari Bazar (Morning Market)

    Specialties mainly ingredients from Okhotsk area are available. It is one of the most popular areas in our hotel.

  • Souvenir Shop

    Souvenir Shop

    This hotel has a shop selling a variety of items especially souvenirs including famous local confections.


Onneyu Onsen, Hokkaido

466-1 On'neyu Onsen Rubeshibe cho Kitami Hokkaido
091-0170 Japan +81-157-45-2511

Greater Area Map Neighborhoog Map
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Access from/to Adjacent Airports

Memanbetsu AirportApprox. 1hr. 50min

By BusApprox. 1hr. (Buses for Kitami runs in accordance with the arrival time of flights.)


Kitami Bus

On'neyu Onsen

Memanbetsu AirportApprox. 1hr. 50min

By CarBibai Bypass, Route 39 (Approx. 65km)

On'neyu Onsen

Asahikawa AirportApprox. 2hr. 35min.

By CarOrdinary road

Asahikawa IC

By CarCentral Hokkaido Expressway, Asahikawa-Monbetsu Expressway

Kamikawa Sounkyo IC

By CarRoute 39

On'neyu Onsen

Kushiro AirportApprox. 3 hr.

By CarRoute 248


By CarRoute 39

On'neyu Onsen

Monbetsu AirportApprox. 1hr. 40min.

By CarRoute 238


By CarRoute 238

Rubeshibe Town

By CarRoute 39

On'neyu Onsen

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Sapporo StationApprox. 4 hr.

JRLimited Express Okhotsk

Rubeshibe Station

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On'neyu Onsen

Asahikawa StationApprox. 2 hr. 30 min.

JRLimited Express Okhotsk

Rubeshibe Station

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On'neyu Onsen

Abashiri StationApprox. 2hr.

JRLimited Express Okhotsk, Local Train

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Kushiro StationApprox. 4hr.

JRRapid Train “Shiretoko-MAshu”, Local Train

Abashiri Station

JRLimited Express Okhotsk,Local Train

Rubeshibe Station

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On'neyu Onsen

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Sapporo ICApprox. 3hr. 30min.

Central Hokkaido Expressway

Pippu Junction

Asahikawa-Monbetsu Expressway

Kamikawa Sounkyo IC

Route 39

On'neyu Onsen

Asahikaw ICApprox. 2hr.

Central Hokkaido Expressway

Kamikawa Sounkyo IC

Asahikawa-Monbetsu Expressway

Kamikawa Sounkyo IC

Route 39

On'neyu Onsen

KushiroApprox. 2hr. 30min.

Route 44

Bihoro Town

Route 243

On'neyu Onsen

ObihiroApprox. 2hr.

Ordinary road

Otofuke-Obihiro IC

Central Hokkaido Expressway

Ashoro Town

Route 39

Rikubetsu Town

Route 242

On'neyu Onsen

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