Japanese-Western Suite和洋特別室(檜の風呂付)Hienkaku

Japanese-Western Suite Japanese-Western Suite

The 9th and 10th floors are the Royal Floors.
Among the rooms on these floors, the 10-tatami-mat large Japanese Suite
that has 2-room with a cypress bath offers a luxury space.

When you get off the elevator on the Royal Floors, the 9th and 10th floors, you will find the whole
area furnished in Japanese style. There are sliding doors and tataki (concrete floor at the entrance) in
each room. You will feel the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.

About Guest Room Equipment

Guest Room Equipment
TV, telephone, safety box, thermos pot, air conditioner, refrigerator, washbasin, heating toilet seat (washlet), bath towels, towels, hand soap, yukata (cotton kimono), hanten (kimono style jacket)
Tooth brush, hair cap and razor

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